Illuminating Your World Conference Daresalaam, Tanzania

Published on Monday 21st October 2019

Ambassador Prince from Kenya journeyed on a mission's trip to join force with the team in Tanzania to impact more youths and bring them into their inheritance in Christ.


The conference started with riveting prayer session and effusive worship were the youths felt the tangible presence of God as they minister to Him.


Ambassador Rachel who is the country coordinator for Tanzania gave an opening address to prepare the hearts of the delegates and get them ready for the word.


The climax of the conference was the very special message by ambassador Prince who ministered on 3 important factor; Purpose, Plan and Timing. He also shared with them on lights, letting them know who they are and and their role which is to shine so brightly.


Many received salvation after the message and they were all given copies of our messenger angel in Swahili language. 


The delegates were so blessed and inspired as they have received clarity and they now know their purpose in life.


Glory to God!


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