The GYLF Online Academy is a special initiative of the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum designed to inspire and provoke radical transformation in her students, to make them exceptional leaders who would impact their world, and proffer lasting solutions to societal challenges.

The academy runs in sessions with all registrations and admissions done online.

Our courses are practical, motivating and insightful and there are practical assignments and projects to be carried out at the end of the course.

The program is opened to youth between the ages, 13 to 25 years.

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About us

Welcome to the GYLF Online Academy website. As you visit our pages, we hope the information gives you some idea of our character, strengths and our set of values that gets you acquainted with everything that we do.

The GYLF Online Academy is recognized for the significant contribution that it makes to the personal and academic achievement of all of its students. We strongly believe that all youth should be encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential through attention to their individual needs.

Our highly committed and professional staff work hard to ensure that high standards are maintained whilst at the same time delivering stimulating and engaging lessons which inspire and enthuse the youth to achieve their God-given potential. We believe that learning takes place both in and out of the academy.

The GYLF Online Academy caters for youths aged 13-25. All classes hold online and at the end of each class, each student is required to take an assessment to ascertain how well you assimilated and understood the course. After completion of the module, you are awarded a certificate.

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